We offer luxurious bath fittings to valuable customers in different style and design. Wide range of bath fittings gives preference to customers to state their class.

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GANGA offer a different variety, designs, style and size of bath fittings product with the brand name of GANGA. The GANGA name is enough to prove its quality and purity. GANGA apply contemporary technology with skilled and expert manpower to service in the market. Offer an excellent product with new innovation and technology is the main aim of GANGA.

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Higher Longevity

The cartridges are tested 5 lakh times to ensure a longer and trouble free operating life.

Operates Smoothly

Wide-angle lever provides increased comfort and flawless smooth operation.

Advanced water saving flow restrictor

It restricts the water flow up to 1.3* ltr per min at 3 bar pressure.

Higher Durability

High plating thickness (Nickel 10 micron & chrome 0.3 micron) provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions.

Soft Water Flow

Aerators Integrated with honeycomb structure give protection from lime buildup and provide soft flow of water.

Optimum flow and temperature

The faucets work smoothly at high temperature (up to 85 degree) and various pressure conditions (0.5 to 5 bar).